In order to improve communication at, we have established some exchange standards, on which Amazon River Monsters reserves its right to remove any content that fails to respect them.

Also, users themselves can use the “Report” button to give notice to the website administrators of a content that is inadequate.


1. Amazon River Monsters is a website about sport fishing exclusively. Content of any other type is not permitted

  1. Content showing mistreated or dead fish (or any other beings) will be removed from the website.
  2. Amazon River Monsters supports the respectful exchange of ideas between users.
  3. Abusive, defamatory, threatening, obscene and offensive comments of any kind are prohibited.4. In case a user fails to comply with the given rules, a warning will be given. If it happens a second time, the user will be suspended and then expelled from Amazon River Monster.
  4.  Content explicitly advertising a specific product, service, business or organization is forbidden.Amazon River Monsters reserves its right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without any given notice.